In the solemn act, preside by the Queen Sophie of Spain, are awarded the promotion of the science and the investigation in Spain.

Vicente Boluda appeals to join forces instead of searching fight.

Vicente Boluda, president of Boluda Corporación Marítima, has pronounced the speech, in name of the sponsors, in the 24th edition of the Awards King James the First celebrated in the Guild of Valencia last 31st of October.

The winners are Nazario Martín León, in Basic Investigation; Manuel Arellano González in Economics; Jesús Egido de los Ríos in Medical Investigation; Juan Luis Ramos Martín in Protection of Environment; José Capmany in New Technologies and Noriel Pavón Hernández for the business man.

In his speech Vicente Boluda has emphasized that “we have to work to join forces instead of always searching elements of separation and fights”. He has indicated that “the moment of the union has arrived, from the diversity and the plurality, but the union to join as a whole the solution for the challenges”.

In this way, the president of Boluda Corporación Marítima thinks that will be “good for the business men, the workers, the universities, the politicians and the civil society to go off their own interests and think more in the common good of the country”. To reach it, “It’s essential to work thinking more in our obligations than in our rights”.

He has recognized that Spain “does not go through its best moment and that influences in a significant way in our image abroad and affects the moods of the citizens”. Despite that, the president of Boluda and the Association of Business men of Valencia (AVE) thinks that “the society is showing an integrity, a dignity, a realism and a solidarity with no unprecedented case”.

Boluda has stand out that “we run the risk that our forces finished and the own esteem fades, if the society is not able to change the increasing lack of interest, the each time bigger complaint and perception of discredit of the management of the public and if it is not perceived by the citizens that there are people and institutions occupied to shape our future, as are the awarders of the act of today”.

He highlight also that those sensations “aren’t good because they weaken the project as country and are not always fair”. He also thinks that “democracy demands to make real politic”. He also asks that “our governors focuses in the solution of the problems and do work for the future”. He considers that it’s not good because “these sensations divide us as country, hearts the image abroad and make us not to be concentrated in fighting our true challenges”.

To the act, have assisted, between other personalities, the Secretary of State for Investigation, Carmen Vela, the President of  the Generalitat Valenciana, Alberto Fabra, The President of the Corts Valencianes, Juan Cotino, the Delegate of the Government, Paula Sanchez de Leon, The Mayor of Valencia, Rita Barberá and the President of the Foundation of Advanced Studies, Rafael Aznar.

We also want to stress from there the amazing work of the professor Grisolia, Chairman of the awards and driving force of the same ones that, thanks to his dedication and enthusiasm, has situated the awards James the First as one of the most prestigious and best pay in Spain.

Premios Jaime I 2015