Rafael Aznar, the actual chairman, will be First Vice-president.

Juan Roig, Francisco Segura and Silvino Navarro compose the executive committee.

The board of the council of the Valencian Foundation of Advanced Atudies has named Chairman at Vicente Boluda.

Besides holding the presidency of his company, Boluda Corporación Marítima he is, between other posts, President of the Valencian Association of Business men (Associación Valenciana de Empresarios), President of the Shipping Valencian Association (ANV), President of the National Association of Shipowner of tugs (ANARE) and vice-president of the Association of Spanish Ship-owners (ANAVE).

Connected to the Valencian Foundation of Advanced Studies since many years, he has declared that “to assume this post suppose a big responsibility, due to the importance and the prestige of the foundation. I will do my best in representing the post I take on today, continuing the great job made by my antecessor, Mr. Rafael Aznar”. 

The prestigious Foundation, founded in 1978, that has for objective the scientific and cultural spreading, and the devotion and spirit of its creator, the professor Grisolia, has favored the celebration and consolidation of several leading initiatives referenced scientifically as are the Awards King James the 1st ( Premios Jaime 1), the center Queen Sofia for the study of violence, the chair Santiago Grisolia and the chair of Emeritus of Valencian Community. 

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