Antonio Bordils, intervene with the paper “Possibilities of investment in the area of port and logistic services”.

Antonio Bordils, Chief Executive Officer, of Boluda Towage and Salvage, participated in the 7th General Assembly of the Area Canaries-West Africa of the ICHCA (International Cargo Handling Coordination Association), celebrated in Douala (Cameroun), with a paper named “Possibilities of investment in the area of port and logistic services”. He was accompanied by Denis Monserrand, General Manager of Boluda France and Hervé Lefèvre, General Manager of Boluda Africa and Jean Marc Michel, manager of Boluda Cameroun. 

The ICHCA is an organism that contains the Port Authorities, chambers of commerce, ship-owner, dock companies and the maritime sector of international area. The association organizes annually a meeting to debate matters regarding security, efficiency, manipulation and distribution of merchandises.

The meeting was chaired by the Ministry of Transport of Cameroun, The ambassador of Spain in Cameroun and coordinated by the General Secretary of the Region Canaries-West Africa, Sergio Galvan. Also, it count with the presence of representatives of nearly all the countries of Occidental Africa and national and local authorities

Boluda Corporación Marítima is present in Africa in Senegal, Ivory Coast, Morocco, and Mauritania as well as in Cameroun, host country of the General Assembly of ICHCA.