Fitting-out of a charge with big dimensions in a vessel with complications of unloads in its holds.

La Terminal La Luz, of Boluda Terminales Marítimas, besides the logistic and the storage of containers in ports, gives also services of unloads for boats who need it o have problems in their charge.

The vessel M/V Itami, cargo of 147 meters long, from the maritime company NYK, with flag from Panama, asked, through its agent in Las Palmas, to realize a fitting of the charge situated in the mess-deck A of the hold 2; 15 bulks of 12 meters each. The state of the charge presented the aspect to have suffered a shock of sea, then the road charge and the merchandise was free and leaned against the bulkhead.

The technicians of La Terminal La Luz have value the complex operation of fitting deciding to realize it during two days due to the big difficulty.

The merchandise was tied up one by one, unloading part of it in the ground, during complicated maneuvers, due to the big dimensions of the charge manipulated and its state, that finished with success thanks to the high specialization and big experience of the personal that participate in the operation.

La Luz operates annually about 380.000 teus and nearly 500.000 tons of main goods.


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