Traveled alone 143 km of the coast of Sicily on board of a kayak.

Manuel Sergio Alba, ships consignee agent of Miller and Cia, and belonging to Boluda Ships Agency & Forwarding, the division in charge of the logistics service and consignee of  Boluda Corporación Marítima has developed kayak as its passion, which has led him to travel the 143 km that separate Agnone Bagni from Sampieri, two beautiful coastal cities in the island of Sicily. 

In this second ventures by himself, Manuel carried on board all the necessary equipment for his autonomy: tent, mat, sleeping bag, clothes in hermetic bags, water, GPS with online route and a mobile telephone, that have permitted him to stop by in Syracuse, Cicerata, Carratois and Isola delle Correnti to end up rowing to Sampieri. 

Supported by the citizens of island Manuel, he has been permanently backed up and advised on the special features and details of the sea that surrounds that coast. 

Manuel has a great background experience in kayak, having already completed the 260 km along the coast of Lesbos (Greece).  On previous occasions, his implications with this sport have led him to cross the strait of Gibraltar, around the island of Formentera, and around the lake di Garda, route from Santi Petri (Cadiz) to Tarifa among others.


Manuel Alba