School supplies will be taken to the rural school of San Vicente in Zimbabwe.

The donation of a container of humanitarian aid is always for us one of the best news that we can share. 

All the actions that we carry out with our program “Humanitarian Transport” have the power of moving our emotions.  They allow us to verify how a small gesture here, is capable of improving considerably the life of other people, that not so luckily, have been born in places less favored than ours. 

Proclade is an NGO with vocation of service to impoverished communities, and holds the thought that the conviction to require and to expect solutions of the Governments and International Agencies is not sufficient, and so, they compromise to do something more.  They promote and they finance projects of development and humanitarian aid and they are financed with the donations of volunteers and with the own activities of the Foundation. 

At Proclade, entire families, children, adult supporters are linked together….  Each one of them feels committed and compromised with the project.

Inside the container that Boluda Lines donated to the foundation Proclade, a human chain formed by that heterogeneous group of ages and conditions, has filled up all the available volume with school supplies, furniture and everything needed to set in motion the Rural School of San Vicente, situated in the rural district of Goromonzi in Mashonaland oriental, province of Zimbabwe. 

The school was created in order to focus on the education of rural workers’ children that lived in the area.  Children that attend this school come from poor families, workers of the field and house employees, with 50$ of monthly income. 

From Proclade collaborators are proposed “to participate filling in the holes that remain in the tenant, pencils, rubbers, chalks, notebooks, maps, globes, markers, waxes, plasticine, sports equipment, ballpoint pens are needed…”

From Boluda Lines we wanted to contribute with the continent to so much generosity.


Contenedor Zimbabue