The “Ilan I”, with 73 tons of pull, will incorporate the port of Haifa the 20th of May.

Boluda Shipyards, the shipyards of  naval construction and repair of Boluda Corporación Marítima, has built for Haifa Port the tug  “Ilan I”, that is navigating now at a speed of 7-8 knots to the Israeli city.

The Tug has a length of 31, 50 meters, a broad of 12, 50 meters, a height of 4, 85 meters, a draft of 6, 26 meters and a pull in fixed point of 73, 7 tons.

It will do tasks of assistance to vessels in ports, roads and bays. Its two propellant engines will allow them to develop a continuous power of 2670 kw. Each one at 800 rpm and reach a speed of 13, 3 knots, beside, they will count with two generator groups of 160 kw of power each one and a maximum capacity for a crew of 8 people.

Boluda Shipyards has built for Israel a total of 3 tugs, 2 for Haifa port and one for Ashdod port.  

The “Ilan I” thanks to its technical characteristic, is the most and sophisticated tug that will navigate in Israeli waters.

Ilan I