The ONG Askan Wi receives in Dakar (Senegal), its second container with sanitary and school material.

Boluda Lines, division in charge of transport of goods of Boluda Corporación Marítima, continue its close collaboration with humanitarian organisations, Red Cross and differents ONG’s, through its programme “Humanitarian Transport”, sending recently the second container to Dakar (Senegal) in collaboration with the  ONG Askan Wi.

The material of the container has been destinated in this occasion to several hospitals of Dakar and differents schools of Senegal.

The President  of Askan Wi, Maka Lô, has express his deep gratitude explaining the great value that this material suppose for his country : “This container has allowed to improve the conditions of work in many hospitals and schools of Senegal”.  Also, since the Institute Ahmadou Sakhir de Koki, through its Manager El Hadji Matar Nar Lo, has told that the material sent “contributes to make easier the accommodation, food and medicines to the 3700 students of different nationalities that the school has”.

“Humanitarian Transport”, is the solidariy programme of Boluda Corporación Marítima through what, for years, it has transported free in its boats humanitarian help to disadvantage countries.


Material Humanitario