The validity of the concession will be for 21 years, considering in 30.000 teus/ year the minimum traffic.

Boluda Lines operates in Ferrazo since the last summer with a weekly line of containers connecting Bilbao-Vilagarcía-Lisbon-Canaries.

The board of directors of the Port Authority of  Vilagarcía, agreed in the meeting celebrated yesterday to award to Boluda Terminales Marítimas the esplanade of the mole of Ferrazo for the exploitation of the terminal of containers.

The movements are estimate in 30.000 teus year at least and will be effective in summer, once completed the administrative procedures, operating till this moment under the system of authorization.   

The total surface gave in the concession is of 42.076 m2 and includes, apart from the terrain, all the installations necessary for the development of the side activities.