It was awarded the last 16th of december during a gala for the 10th anniversary of the publication.

It’s a reconnaissance to the personal and team effort and also to the work and dedication of several spanish companies, institutions and personnalities.

Vicente Boluda has been awarded with the price Enterprise and Finances as the best manager in a gala celebrated last 16th of decembre. This price promoted by the economic publication who celebrates its 10th anniversary is a reconnaissance to the effort of several generations who have been able to convert a tug company in a leading company in the maritime area.

As he got the award Enterprise and Finances, Vicente Boluda showed its satisfaction and told that “it’s for me and for the company I rule something satisfactory which I would like to share with all the people who made possible I received it”.

Vicente Boluda didn’t want to loose the opportunity to congratulate the publication Enterprise and Finances for its ten years in the market: Congratulations for these ten years who suppose a reconnaissance to the work well done and a deal for the market as a way of economic information of quality.

To finish the gala, Boluda told that this award was a reconnaissance to all the profesional work, but especialy to the career of my family, my father and mi grand-father, true exemple of enterprising

We don’t have to forget that Boluda gets a huge commitment with the society and the environment, being a company engaged in several projects destined to ameliorate the human development as well as to preserve and respect the natural environment. That’s also why Enterprise and Finances wanted to award these initiatives.

Premio Empresa y Finanzas