It closes the exercice 2009 with incomes of 485 millions of euros and a result of 84 millons.

The 40% of the sales proceed of the towage division, with a presence in 30 ports of Spain, France and Africa.

Boluda Corporación Marítima has bet to reinforce the Terminal La Luz in Las Palmas, who has increase 53%.

The previsión of the corporatoin for this year is to grow a 10% after amplifying its incomes in a 7% the first trimester.

Boluda Corporación Marítima has closed the exercice 2009 with total incomes of 485 millions euros and a EBITDA of 84 millions, which suppose to keep the results of the last exercice. This balance, in the environment of international economical doubt who causes the contraction of the sector, suppose a support to the strategy the corporation started 5 years ago and guarantee the stability of the business project.

This strategy, who has its central concept in the sustainability of business through the internationalization and rationalization, has allowed to increase the incomes in 304 millions of euros since 2004. Then, presently around the 50% of the volume of business comes from the internationalization, for the operations done by our own headquarters outside of spain- mainly in France and African continent-, as well as the activity in the outside and with international clients.

About the rationalization, Boluda Corporation Maritima has bet for the activities who are strategies for the group and then has invested 24 millions of euro in the incorporation of two new units of tugboats. Boluda Corporacion Maritima emphasizes at a world level for the leadindship in the towage services it gives through its divison Boluda Towage and Salvage, being  present in 18 spanish ports, 8 french and 4 african. This division has brought in 2009 the 40% of the total number of business.

Increase of 53% in the Terminal La Luz

Inside this strategy of racionalisation, Boluda Corporacion Maritima has bet to reinforce the Terminal La Luz, in Las Palmas, as it’s being one of the engines of growing. In fact, in 2009 this terminal got the best results of its history, with more than 250 000 teus manipulated, that suppose an augmentation of 53%. This way the facturation was situated in 15,5 millons of euros, 29% more than in 2008. This augmentation was reached thanks to the signature of an agreement with the consortium Saecs ( composed by the international shipping company Mearsk, MOL y DAL) to get the traffic of transfer between South Africa and the north of Europe, that has brought a movement of 75 000 of new teus and the agreements with the shipping companies Arkas and Nisa Maritima.

For this year, the prevision is to enlarge the rythim of increase, now that, between others occasions,  three new stop-overs of the OPDR shipping company have been incorporated and the own Boluda Lines has started new lines that unite Portugal with Canaries. At this traffic, will be unite the new roads that Boluda Lines is nowadays developing with the African Continent.

To offer a service of maxium quality, generate a new business and secure the growing of the Terminal La luz, was accomplished the extension in 45 000 metres the concesion of Terminal La luz, that allow to reach 165 000 metres square of surface an 300 lineal metres of berth.

Global previsions   

Por the ensemble of the groupe, Boluda Corporacion Maritima preview that the exercice 2010 will suppose an improvement for at least the 10% regarding the 2009, in view of the indicators of the closure of the first trimester of 2010, that reflect an increase of the volume of business of 7%.

Alicia Martín, chief excutive of Boluda Corporacion Maritima, considers that the evolutoin followed by the group, in the current international context, suppose a support to the strategy launched in the politic of internationalization as well as racionalisation of the activities, to bet and reinforce those activities more important for the global of the group.