A spectacular Christmas dinner brought Boluda employees from all over the world together for the very first time.

Seven of the company’s managerial staff received recognition for their constant devotion, dedication and professionalism.

Boluda Corporación Marítima recently celebrated the group’s very first awards ceremony or Premios BCM, whereby seven different categories of awards were presented to the company’s outstanding employees, the objective, according to Vicente Boluda, the Corporation’s chairman, “to publicly acknowledge the dedication and professionalism of each of the employees being honoured”.

The awards ceremony was part of the company’s first international Christmas dinner which brought together more than 200 people from the company’s extensive network of offices in more than fifteen countries.

Senior representatives from the Port Authority of Valencia also expressed their desire to be present at the celebration, to accompany Boluda Corporación Marítima employees and offer their support to the company. Rafael Aznar, Chairman of the Port Authority, verbally expressed his gratitude for the invitation and also spoke of his unconditional support for the company’s labours.

The event was hosted by Vicente Boluda who also presented the seven awards in acknowledgement of the dedication and professionalism of the company’s managerial staff. Those to receive the awards were Alicia Martín, the company’s managing director, Fernando Caracciolo, Boluda Lines international routes manager, Francisco Naranjo, director of Boluda Terminales Marítimas, Joaquín Lozano, vice-chairman and chief executive of Boluda Fos and Juan González, chairman of Boluda Towage and Salvage.

Vicente Boluda also presented two special awards, one for the Jubilado del Año, which went to newly retired Jorge Huete, and the other Extraordinario in recognition of the great efforts made by employee Julián Sáez, from the Unión Naval Barcelona who, in the words of Vicente Boluda, “has knowingly overcome great adversities and is a fine example to all of us”.

The director of the international routes for Boluda Lines took it upon himself to express a few words of thanks on behalf of all those awarded, in which he wished to remind of “the importance of receiving an award from your own company comes with the additional value of knowing that you were chosen by your very own colleagues”.