Operations and fleet manager for Boluda Lines retires after more than 10 years with the company

Jorge Huete, the Operations and Fleet manager for Boluda Lines, has recently retired from the Boluda Corporación Marítima, where has been working recent years. Huete, a Merchant Navy Captain, is a professional seaman with extensive and wide ranging experience in the Spanish shipping industry, who, aside from being operations and fleet manager has also been responsible for managing the repair and equipment departments for a number of shipping companies. Continue reading

Another two tugs for the Boluda Towage and Salvage fleet

Two identical new tugs have just been launched with the official handover to the towage and salvage division planned for January 2010.

Boluda Corporación Marítima has just celebrated the launch of two identical tugboats, the VB Titán and the VB Tron, both due to become part of the Boluda Towage and Salvage division. The official launch has taken place at the Boluda Shipyards’ shipyard premises where they have been working on the construction of these tugboats for around twelve months. Both tugs have been designed to take to sea at all times and, in addition to the usual towing, tugboat assistance and escort services for ships, these tugs will also provide fire fighting services for ships in danger, collect waste and carry out anti-pollution measures in the event of there being any fuel or oil leakages in the waters as well as transporting cargo on deck. Continue reading

Boluda Lines and Nisa Marítima start together a direct service between Mediterranee and Canary Island

Both shipping compagnies arrived to an agreement to putt he means together with the purpose to ameliorate and stabilize this maritime service.

Boluda Lines, division dédicated to the transport of merchandise and the valencian shipping compagnie Nisa Maritima have signed an agreement of collaboration by the one both compagnies will give together a direct service between the Mediterranean Spain and the Canary Islands. Through this setting in common of the means, the shipping companies will offer a improvement of the service from both ports, besides stabilizing and hold the services fitting to the maximum the costs. Continue reading

Boluda Lines participates in Conxemar trade fair in Vigo

Spain’s most important trade fair in the frozen food industry

Boluda Lines, the shipping division for the Boluda Corporación Marítima, has just taken part in the International Frozen Seafood Exhibition held in Vigo (7th – 9th October). Boluda Lines participated in the event as a services company, their activity in this sector being that of transporting frozen seafood from West Africa to the Iberian Peninsula. The company was duly represented at the event by managers Fernando Caracciolo, Alfonso Serrat, Javier Sansó, Roberto Cabana and Joaquín Quiles. Continue reading

Francisco Naranjo appointed chairman of the Las Palmas cargo handling association

The manager for the Terminal de la Luz has been unanimously elected by the six cargo handling companies operating in the Port.

Francisco Naranjo, manager for Terminal de la Luz, part of the Boluda Terminales Marítimas, has now been appointed chairman for the cargo handling sector of the shipping agents and dockers association (Asociación de Consignatarios y Estibadores) in Puerto de Las Palmas, in place of Juan Pérez, managing director for Opcsa and previous representative in this post. Francisco Naranjo, who has been unanimously elected by representatives from the six cargo handling companies operating in the port (Opcsa, Boluda, La Luz Market, Armas, Trasmediterránea and LMC) will combine the chairmanship for the cargo handling companies sector with his post in charge of the Port Commission for the Canary Islands Confederation, also in place of Juan Pérez. Continue reading

Boluda Lines collaborates in humanitarian aid convoy to Africa

The shipping line will cover the Las Palmas-Dakar shipping route transporting four ambulances and three lorries on one of their container ships.

Transportation by sea has now become a more secure alternative to land transport for NGOs wishing to transport humanitarian goods to Africa.

Yesterday, the Museo Marítimo de Barcelona hosted the launch of the second humanitarian aid convoy bound for Africa organized by Red Logística Humanitaria(RLH), a Non Governmental Organisation, and in which Boluda Lines will collaborate. The shipping division from Boluda Corporación Marítima will be transporting four ambulances and three lorries as well as medical and educational supplies, in one of their container ships on the Las Palmas-Dakar shipping route. The shipping route is currently a more secure alternative to the habitual land transportation in the north of Africa which, for safety reasons, is considered to be inadvisable by overseas volunteers. Continue reading