Both shipping compagnies arrived to an agreement to putt he means together with the purpose to ameliorate and stabilize this maritime service.

Boluda Lines, division dédicated to the transport of merchandise and the valencian shipping compagnie Nisa Maritima have signed an agreement of collaboration by the one both compagnies will give together a direct service between the Mediterranean Spain and the Canary Islands. Through this setting in common of the means, the shipping companies will offer a improvement of the service from both ports, besides stabilizing and hold the services fitting to the maximum the costs.

Boluda Lines as well as Nisa Maritima have bet from the beginning for the distinction and the independence in the traffic of Peninsula-Canaries against any interference in its needs, and bet for the regularity as an optimum answer to the demand of the current market. For that each company will provide two vessels to the service with a weekly capacity together of 1800 teus who will depart from the ports of Barcelona and Sagunto/Valencia. Then, Boluda Lines will start the service from Barcelona with the boats Ruiloba and CT Beatriz, who will have their departure on Saturdays with destination to Tenerife and Las Palmas, and cover also the service to minor islands. On its side Nisa Maritima operate the container vessels Evolution and Evidence also on Saturdays from Sagunto with destination to Canaries.

With this agreement both companys will give an answer to the current demand they are covering but with a notorious improvement in the current transit times as well as in the providing of the direct and with no stop service.