The shipping division of the company currently serves this area with two container ships.

A new road cargo line from Alicante and Seville that will afford a connection with West Africa has already been put into operation

Boluda Corporación Marítima, by means of its division Boluda Lines which takes care of the maritime transport of merchandise, continues to put its faith in the strengthening of its connections with the African continent. The reorganisation of the shipping lines between Africa and the Canary Islands archipelago shows the strategic interest the company takes in the Canaries-West Africa axis (from the Islands to Morocco, Mauritania, and Senegal).

The company currently has two container ships in service. The first of them, the Vero B, covers the Palmas-Tenerife-Nouadhibou-Dakar-Las Palmas line calling at each port three times a month. This ship has a capacity of 394 TEUs, 1.041 linear metres, a length of 121 metres, and a breadth of 21 metres. As it is a roll-on/roll-off vessel, it can take all kinds of road vehicles (trucks, cars, machinery, special parts …) as well as containers for both dry and refrigerated cargo.

The ship Africa B in its turn operates on the Las Palmas-Nouakchott-Agadir-Las Palmas route, also calling at each port three times a month. The characteristics of this multi-purpose vessel allow it to transport all kinds of special cargo (special parts, extra-large items, platforms…), as well as standard dry and refrigerated cargo. Thanks to these two ships, Boluda Corporación Marítima not only offers regular connections from Las Palmas to these African destinations but also facilitates interconnection between the African ports themselves.

In addition, Boluda has already begun to operate a new weekly road cargo line from the ports of Alicante and Seville which will facilitate connection with its West African ships for cargo from the Iberian Peninsula.

Since 2000 Boluda Lines has been working in West Africa with a strong investment in material and human resources. With a fast and efficient fleet of thirteen ships, the division currently has ten shipping lines that link the Iberian Peninsula, the Balearic and Canary Island archipelagos, and Africa’s west coast. It also has a presence in Italy, connecting Genoa/Livorno with Alicante, and links Las Palmas-Tenerife-Arrecife with Lanzarote-Fuerteventura and Santa Cruz de La Palma, together with Agadir-Mauritania and Senegal. Its container ships and ro-ro vessels (which allow the transport of vehicles) moved 314,000 TEUs in 2008.