The craft, which will be part of the fleet of tugs of the Boluda Towage and Salvage division, will work as an escort, collecting waste, and carrying out fire protection services.

This is the first launching of the year for the Boluda Shipyards division in its order portfolio of over 20 ships up to mid-2011.

Boluda Shipyards, the division of Boluda Corporación Marítima in charge of ship construction and repair, celebrated today the launching of the tug V.B. Bravo which will join the fleet of the Towage and Salvage division.

This 100 ton pull tug will be used for escort work, for collecting waste, and for the carrying out of fire protection services. Its technical characteristics include a length of 35 metres, a breadth of 13 metres, and a depth of 6.60 metres. Its draft reaches a maximum of 5.59 metres and its speed 14 knots. It can hold up to 11 crew members and has azimuthal propulsion.

The tug V.B. Bravo will be included in the tug fleet of Boluda Towage and Salvage. This division, the core business of the group, provides the following services: port towing, towing at height, and off-shore towing and salvage.

Today’s launching is the first of the year for Boluda Shipyards as part of its order portfolio of over 20 ships to be delivered up to mid-2011.