The first shipping company in history to connect the Peninsula with the archipelago on a daily basis

The flexible loading timetable creates an unprecedented logistics model including extended night unloading hours

For the first time exporters will be able to load goods for shipping from anywhere in Spain

Boluda Corporación Marítima’s shipping company Boluda Lines will expand its rail connections with a new service connecting Madrid and Seville, establishing a daily freight corridor for all cargo with origin and/or destination to central Spain. This new service will link with the rail connections currently operated by the company through its subsidiary Boluda Rail, thus also linking the port of Seville with the Mediterranean and the North of Spain.

This project is part of an innovative bid to strengthen the shipping company’s leadership in the transport of goods between the Peninsula and the Canary Islands, with a daily service from the port of Cádiz, which will come into operation on the first of December. The new line will operate with six vessels with a transit time designed for perishable products, entailing a major improvement on the current logistics model with the Canary Islands.

To develop this new service, Boluda Lines has made available to its clients a robust land logistics structure with a complementary scope and scale of investment as its maritime project, all taking into account the continuing eco-efficiency policy adopted since various years ago in Boluda Lines’ transport services.

To promote the expansion of its rail connections, the shipping company has incorporated the first river feeder service in Spain to link the ports of Seville and Cádiz on a daily basis, providing a regular connection which will meet the clear goal of easing land traffic congestion.

Unprecedented flexibility

This new logistics model guarantees pioneering flexibility in loading. For the first time exporters will be able to carry out cargo operations from anywhere in Spain, with direct daytime connections with the maritime departures the shipping company has scheduled from Cádiz. Likewise, Boluda Lines will extend overnight unloading hours in the Canary Islands, so that goods can be delivered to the warehouses immediately after unloading from the ship.

Furthermore, Canarian exporters will have daily departures from the ports of Tenerife and Las Palmas, with a significant increase also in connections from the islands of Fuerteventura, Lanzarote and above all La Palma, many of them geared towards meeting the traditional need for perishable products. Ships’ cut-off times are now daily, meaning that for the first time in the Islands’ history missing a shipment does not entail a week’s delay.

Commitment to eco-efficiency

This global commitment by Boluda Lines brings significant time-savings in freight distribution, reduction in stock warehousing, and above all, longer shelf life of transported goods. In this way the shipping company becomes an extension of its customers’ production chain.

This project is also in line with Boluda Lines’ continued commitment to eco-efficiency in freight transport. With a new service approach, the shipping company aims to substantially reduce land traffic congestion, develop a multimodal and intelligent door-to-door service and implement new freight transport and logistical paradigms to reduce the carbon footprint per ton transported.