The current world health crisis has caused major jitters in the port among different national operators. Many have opted to moor their ships, reduce connection frequency or simply cancel routes. Nowadays the news is full of pessimistic reports from shipping companies announcing losses into the millions, calling for reductions in services or suggesting non-payment of port services.

But in the coastal market providing services connecting two or more Spanish ports, the Boluda family fleet’s response to the crisis stands out with its particular business decision “to keep our entire fleet operational to guarantee supply of essential goods in all ports in which we operate”.

Far from mooring its fleet, Boluda Lines, market leader in the Canary Islands with a market share of over 40%, has been the only shipping company to maintain its weekly connections between the Iberian Peninsula and all Canarian ports without exceptions.

“The effort required is enormous owing to the considerable drop in demand, but our commitment to the Canary archipelago is and will always be a priority.” Since the beginning of the state of alert Boluda has transported more than 300,000 tons of freight, ensuring the transport and supply of food, medicine and healthcare supplies to the island territories. Not only has the shipping company maintained its current service, but it has also announced new connections to cover the gaps in frequencies and routes left by other operators. “Boluda has operated in freight traffic for more than 150 years and we have a responsibility to Canarian society, to maintain supply, but also job protection and wealth creation, especially during these difficult times”.

Responding to the current circumstances, Boluda is also making a significant effort for its employees, maintaining the entire workforce and guaranteeing the safety of its employees since the start of the pandemic. “We were able to anticipate the crisis: prior to the state of alert all office staff was already working from home, and we provided the means necessary for colleagues working at the dock.”

With this particular approach, the Valencian container shipping company is also strengthening its commitment to the environment, with a unique logistics system. “Our presence in more than nine mainland ports, together with the use of rail connections, guarantees service to our clients, and we also achieve a lower CO2 impact than other ro-ro alternatives where trucks are forced to drive thousands of additional kilometres”.

Boluda’s experience, load capacity and social engagement demonstrates the commitment of this century-old worldwide maritime services leader and highlights its singular approach to maritime transport.

Boluda Lines containership the JOSITA B entering the port of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria loaded with cargo.