The new ships will be named VB GALANTE and VB GALLARDO

Boluda Towage Mexico will also provide port towing services in four ports of Baja California Sur: Pichilingue, La Paz, San Juan de La Costa and Punta Prieta

On 6 November in Rotterdam, Netherlands, Boluda Corporación Marítima chairman Vicente Boluda signed a construction contract for two new tugboats to be built by Damen Shipyards as part of Boluda Towage division’s international fleet expansion.

Both units will be added to the Boluda Towage Mexico fleet, currently comprised of 32 tugs. The new tugs will be renamed VB GALLARDO and VB GALANTE, and following the recent port service contract awarded to the Pacific Maritime Company (a subsidiary of Boluda Towage Mexico) they will provide services in four ports of the State of Baja Southern California: Pichilingue and La Paz, as well as in the Pemex terminals, located in the ports of San Juan de La Costa and Punta Prieta.

Besides the holding company chairman, and Boluda Towage CEO Antonio Bordils, also present were the two contract signatories, general director of Boluda Mexico Jorge Roseti, and Damen Shipyards chairman Kommer Damen.

Boluda Towage Mexico is one of six subsidiaries of Boluda Towage, the Boluda Corporación Marítima international port and maritime towage services division. This division has a presence in Spain via Boluda Towage Spain; as Boluda Towage France it operates in France, the west coast of Africa and the Indian Ocean; Boluda Towage Europe covers Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Belgium, and Boluda Towage Latam provides services in Argentina and Uruguay.

Boluda Towage is the second towage company worldwide and is sector leader in Spain. Its core business is port, coastal, ocean and off shore towage, with a fleet of over 300 tugboats distributed among the main ports of Europe, Africa, Latin America and the Indian Ocean, currently providing services in 94 ports in 19 countries.

With a worldwide scope, its activity also involves oil platform assistance, towing and anchoring concrete crates for the construction sector, and floating dock and barge towage.

Boluda Towage Mexico

Boluda Towage Mexico brings together three companies with Boluda capital in the Aztec country: Compañía Marítima del Pacífico (CMP), Compañía Marítima Mexicana (CMM) and Servicios Marítimos de Baja California (SMBC). It operates in the principal Mexican ports, such as Ensenada, Costa Azul, Mazatlan, Guaymas, Tampico, Salina Cruz, Manzanillo, Altamira and Coatzacoalcos, and since last October in the ports of Pichilingue, La Paz and in the Pemex terminals of the San Juan de La Costa and Punta Prieta ports.

With this new towage service contract in Baja California Sur, Boluda Towage Mexico has secured its position as the leader in port towing service provision in Mexico. The group operates in thirteen of the most important Mexican ports in the country with a fleet of 34 tugs (including the two under construction) and three port service vessels.

The new contract will increase maritime safety in oil tanker traffic supplying fuel to the Mexican State of Baja California Sur, and safety in ferry traffic from Mazatlan and Topolobampo crossing the Gulf of California on the Mexican Pacific coast.


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