The more than 800 students will also receive sports equipment

Aportem – Puerto Solidario Valencia, an association which Boluda Corporación Marítima helped found, has approved a first consignment of school supplies to cover the needs of the different schools and institutions it supports in the Maritime District, so that children with limited resources can receive the material in time. Tracksuits, t-shirts, sports shoes and different school material and toiletries should be available to children before the school year begins. This agreement was adopted at the joint meeting held by the action committee and the board of directors.

In total more than 800 boys and girls from the Santiago Apóstol, Ausiàs March, Juan José Montoya, Nuestra Señora de los Desamparados, Santa Ana day Centre and Nuestra Señora del Carmen schools will receive school supplies and/or sportswear (sweatshirts, tracksuits, T-shirts etc.). This special “back to school” contribution is on top of the breakfasts and snacks that Aportem also supplies to several schools.

The logistics sector plays lottery number 88241

Another point approved was to reserve all the divisions of one particular Christmas Lottery number for the entire Valencian logistics sector. Whether or not they are Aportem partners, all logistics entities now have the opportunity to choose number 88241, from lottery distributor number two “la Brujita Generosa” located at 173, Port avenue. Senior manager of the establishment Juan Lerma will donate 1% of sales of this number to Aportem, without any surcharge for companies or individuals who decide to choose it as their number this year.

Pas Ras

The meeting also discussed the next annual Pas Ras al Port, a mid-level running event that has now become a tradition, organized by the Poblats Marítims Athletics Club. This 10,000 meter race will reactivate the “solidarity euro” campaign to support Aportem.

The board of directors also approved Grupo Alonso’s addition as a new Aportem partner, pending confirmation by the general assembly.

Representatives of the companies and entities of Aportem-Puerto Solidario Valencia at their latest meeting.