Aportem-Puerto Solidario Valencia, an association of which Boluda Corporación Marítima is a founding member, has delivered pencil cases stocked with a selection of pencils, felt tip pens, erasers, notebooks, card and other school supplies to disadvantaged schoolchildren from Nuestra Señora de los Desamparados, Nuestra Señora del Carmen and Santiago Apostle schools. This initiative is part of a delivery campaign of school material for hundreds of children from different schools in Valencia’s Maritime District.

Each school calculated the specific school supplies needed for students of each educational level. Items such as plasticine, triangles, semicircles, scissors, rulers and many more have been placed in their corresponding pencil cases.

The different school heads highlighted and gratefully acknowledged Aportem’s help, in facilities where schoolchildren of up to 20 different nationalities in some centres often come to class without any school material.

As always Aportem’s philosophy is to turn member donations into support, primarily in the form of breakfasts, afternoon snacks, clothing and school supplies and toiletries, which are delivered directly to nurseries, schools and other institutions. The ultimate goal is to encourage education by motivating students and providing better conditions for younger children in class.

When the school material has been delivered, Aportem hopes also to complete delivery of tracksuits, t-shirts, sweatshirts and slippers for many other children. This will conclude Aportem’s largest support campaign this year, given that the back to school period requires an extra effort to kit out the kids.