State-of-the-art tugs the VB MIRAGE and VB CONCORDE operate in the world’s largest port for liquefied natural gas tankers

Boluda Towage France has just added two new state-of-the-art multi-purpose tugs to its fleet, in line with their policy of increasing and improving the fleet.

Sister tugboats the VB MIRAGE and VB CONCORDE are 30.30 metres in length, 10.40 metres wide, 5.30 meters in depth with a bollard pull of 75 tons. They are equipped with two 4,480 kW Shottel azimuthal thrusters.

The tugboats will be based in the port of Nantes-St. Nazaire, and their high manoeuvrability and adaptability to port will help improve operational safety, reliability and agility.

Boluda Towage France general manager Denis Monserrand explained: “We have invested in new equipment in anticipation of future changes in port operations. The port of Nantes-St. Nazaire is the base for the world’s largest liquefied natural gas (LNG) tankers and has recently increased capacity to accommodate the largest container ships. These new and powerful tugs are equipped with FiFi1 firefighting equipment and are prepared to respond to any challenging situations that may arise”.

The VB MIRAGE and the VB CONCORDE can meet the high demand of large ports like Nantes-St. Nazaire and are the product of a close collaboration between Piriou Shipyards and Boluda Towage France.

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