The ANV held a cocktail reception after its ordinary joint general meeting to celebrate its 117th anniversary and the recovery of the site of its centenary sculpture

President of the Valencia ship-owners’ association (ANV) Vicente Boluda has once again underlined the need for the central government to accelerate “the construction of the northern access to the port and the Mediterranean corridor, as well as improvements to the Sagunto-Zaragoza railway link, to enable the port of Valencia to maintain its status the first port in Spain and the Mediterranean in container throughput, with more than 5 million TEUs handled in 2018”.

These statements were made after the Valencia ship-owner association’s ordinary joint general meeting, which brings together 40 companies linked to the ship’s agency and stevedoring sector and before the cocktail reception held in the Clock Building to mark the association’s 117th anniversary and its recovery of the site of Francisco Nicolau’s sculpture commemorating the ANV centenary. This sculptural piece was withdrawn during the Formula 1 championships, held in the port of Valencia from 2008 to 2012. Among those attending the event were minister for Territorial Policy, Public Works and Mobility Arcadi España, and the president of Valencia Port, Aurelio Martínez.

Vicente Boluda underscored that the northern access to the port is “key to future port development” and stressed that the Mediterranean corridor “is a vital infrastructure for economic growth in Valenciaport, the Valencian region and Spain.”

Valencia Port Authority President Aurelio Martinez added that the investment behind Port Authority decisions aligns with a commitment to improvement that has historically guided strategy in the port and Valencia itself, as, in his words, “the port defines Valencia and vice versa: Valencia has been a port city since its foundation in 138 BC and this is what shapes us as a city/port for culture, economy and progress”.

The ceremony was closed by Marina-Consorcio Valencia director Vicent Llorens, who made reference to ongoing remodelling of port buildings for public use, and the minister for Territorial Policy, Arcadi España, who underlined the need for dialogue, sustainability and economic growth in order to develop projects that will benefit society.