Providing bulk carrier towage from Canada to Turkey since 2012, Boluda towed the ENRY vessel a few weeks previously

Boluda Towage Spain, Boluda Corporación Marítima’s towage division in Spain has successfully towed a new bulk carrier from Montreal, Canada to Aliaga, Turkey, employing its ocean-going tug the VB HISPANIA.

The bulk carrier in question, the ENRY, is a great lake self-unloader, 219 metres long and 23.16m beam, with a depth of 11.58m and 19.643 GT. The Boluda Corporación Marítima tugboat sailed from the port of Las Palmas to Montreal to pick up the bulk carrier and towed the vessel from the Canadian port to the Turkish port. After returning to Spain it set off from the port of Algeciras headed again for Canada to tow the second bulk carrier to Turkey this year.

The company’s towage division has been performing this type of maritime operations between Canada and Turkey since 2012, most recently twice in 2018.