Containers from Madrid station were shipped to the Canary Islands

Boluda Lines aims to consolidate its new connection with Madrid

On Friday 14 June Boluda Maritime Terminal Vilagarcía, Boluda Corporación Marítima’s logistics platform in the Galician port, put into operation a new port-railway service at its container terminal in the Ferrazo dock to ship cargo originating from Madrid to the Canary Islands.

The logistics subsidiary of the company’s maritime and land shipping division Boluda Lines seeks to consolidate this new line opened with Madrid and attract new traffic from the Castilla-León region.

The 250-meter-long train originating from Madrid travelled the 1.3-kilometre route along the seafront of Vilagarcía town in around twenty minutes without incident, at a leisurely pace in order to affect the urban traffic of the city as little as possible. Attracting great interest, the operation posed a significant logistical challenge both for Boluda and for Renfe, the state-owned railway company, as well as for the Port Authority itself. This first run will serve to highlight areas for improvement, optimizing equipment and times in future rail-port operations.

The train travelled through public port areas to the wharf, passing through the O Ramal roundabout and crossing Rivero Aguilar and Valle Inclán streets, finally entering the port area via the access next to the port’s old water tank. Each stretch of road cut off to allow rail traffic was opened immediately after the train passed to keep traffic disruption to a minimum. In the afternoon the train returned from the port area to the station transporting the empty containers.