The PETROBAY barge will serve ships in the Strait of Gibraltar together with a second company tanker, the SPABUNKER CUARENTA 

Belonging to the fleet of Boluda Tankers, the Boluda Maritime Corporation division responsible for fuel transport and bunkering, the PETROBAY oil tanker has arrived at the Ceuta Port Authority-managed bay to provide bunker supply services to ships anchored in the waters of the city’s Port Authority.

The contract with Boluda Tankers in the port of Ceuta has arisen as a result of Ceuta Port Authority’s commercial policy and the involvement of the Vilma Oil company in bunkering services, thanks to which bunker supply capacity in the bay has doubled.  

With this addition two barges are now operating in the port of Ceuta. This new vessel, somewhat smaller than the SPABUNQUER CUARENTA at 66 meters long, is a perfect complement in certain operations, having capacity for 2,500 tons of fuel and 500 tons of gasoil.

Boluda Tankers provides a strategic service within the port area, with an annual supply capacity of over twelve million tons of fuel. It currently has a fleet of 15 oil tankers that operate in the main ports of Spain, where it is sector leader, and since 1998 the division also covers a large area of ​​the Caribbean and South America from its base in Panama.