74 Boluda Lines containers will recreate a spectacular industrial structure for the orchestra stage at La Luz pier

The Gran Canaria Philharmonic Orchestra will evoke landscapes, sensations, colours and rhythms, with the waltz as the unifying element

For the seventh year running, Boluda Corporación Marítima is sponsoring the symphonic concert “The Magic of the Waltz”, taking place on 14th July in the unparalleled setting of Boluda Maritime Terminal Las Palmas, at La Luz pier. The concert features on the program of the 22nd annual Temudas Fest, the international festival of theatre, music and dance held on the island of Gran Canaria from 5 July to 4 August.

Boluda Corporación Marítima is collaborating once again with the Temudas International Festival, organized by Las Palmas city council, as a sponsor of the symphonic concert as part of its corporate social responsibility policy in support of cultural initiatives. The stage will be formed from 38 40ft and 36 20ft containers donated by Boluda Lines, the corporation’s comprehensive transport and international freight management division.

Manager of the logistics platform Boluda Maritime Terminal Las Palmas at La Luz pier for 12 years, Boluda Corporación Marítima is sponsoring again the symphonic concert performed by the Gran Canaria Philharmonic Orchestra (OFGC). Current artistic director Karel Mark Chichon appears for the first time at the Temudas Festival with an evocative program of landscapes, sensations, colours and rhythms, with the waltz as a unifying element, in his program “The Magic of Waltz”.

The first stop on this musical journey is Norway, with the well-known “Concerto for piano and orchestra in A minor op.16” by the country’s composer par excellence Edvard Grieg. The Venezuelan pianist Gabriela Montero, one of the Gran Canarian fans’ most beloved figures, will offer new perspectives on the piece before adding one of her signature improvisations.

Chichon will complete his repertoire with a European tour of the waltz, entertaining audiences with different adaptations that have contributed to the universal popularity of the Austrian dance. Bavarian Richard Strauss’s kinship with the waltz finds perfect expression in his opera “The Knight of the Rose”; maestro Karel Mark Chichon has made a special selection of waltzes from this musical comedy with hints of Mozart and a nostalgic feel. The concert will end with Maurice Ravel’s “La Valse”, a brilliant rendering of a world in decline, advancing towards the abyss to the rhythm of the Viennese waltz.

For the seventh year running the OFGC has ventured away from more traditional venues to bring classical music to the unique setting of La Luz pier, where Boluda Maritime Terminal cranes and containers make an extraordinary backdrop. Directing on this stage the first time, conductor Karel Mark Chichon has been artistic director of the OFGC since May 2017, after directing the Deutsche Radio Philharmonie Saarbrücken Kaiserslautern, the National Symphony Orchestra of Latvia and the Symphony Orchestra of Graz in Austria.

Images of the symphonic concert sponsored by Boluda Corporación Marítima last year in the Boluda Maritime Terminal Las Palmas installations at La Luz pier.