The container will be used as a space to house the non-profit organization’s canteen equipment

Boluda Corporación Marítima’s shipping company Boluda Lines donated a 40 foot container in a further collaboration with Manos de Ayuda Social, an association providing food aid since 2011 to people without resources in their meal centre in the Ventas neighbourhood in Ciudad Lineal, Madrid. The container will be used to house canteen equipment for this non-governmental organization.

With the donation, made on the first of June, Boluda Lines helps improve this non-profit association’s storage capacity, providing a new container to store non-perishable food additional to the one they previously donated in May 2016. The two containers will be positioned in parallel on the Ventas meal centre grounds to provide an enhanced service. During 2017, this association offered an average of 100 meals per day.

As part of their corporate social responsibility program, Boluda Corporación Marítima supports this type of action as an initiative to back non-profit associations and NGOs.

Boluda Lines is supporting a well-respected, emblematic project in Madrid set up by an NGO that aims to guarantee the basic right to food. Since 2011, through the Ventas meal centre, this association has been providing nutritious food and a welcoming environment where people at risk of social exclusion can develop the tools to help them integrate into society.

This inspiring social initiative is run entirely by volunteers working 12 to 14-hour days at the centre, and professionals from different backgrounds dedicating their spare time to help organise this service for the underprivileged. “The satisfaction that comes from participating in the project is incomparable”, volunteers state.

As well as providing a balanced meal each day, daily contact with users helps detect and prevent certain social risks through information passed on to corresponding social workers, thus providing users with care, support and monitoring via the centre.

The second Boluda Corporación Marítima container contributes towards providing the means to improve the organization’s meal service, and helps them integrate people into society and the job market.


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