The Las Palmas Port Foundation considers the musical event, which is organised in the Boluda Maritime Terminal of las Palmas (La Luz), to be “an example of coordination of a whole company putting their team into operation in order that this activity not interfere with the activity in the port”

Boluda Maritime Corporation has been rewarded with the Las Palmas Port 2018 Award in the Sociocultural category, presented 25th April by members of the board of The Las Palmas Port Foundation panel. The award will be presented at a ceremony to be held in May.

The award has been given for the collaboration of Boluda Maritime Corporation with Las Palmas city council in the last five editions of the Temudas Fest. Sponsorship that allows for the symphony concerts that are held in the International Festival of Theatre, Music and Dance that takes place in the extraordinary setting of the Boluda Maritime Terminal in Las Palmas (La Luz), in the Port of Las Palmas. A collaboration that is embedded in the company’s Corporative Social Responsibility Policy.

The Las Palmas Port Foundation considers in its judgement that the symphony concerts “have become an important spectacle in terms of quality, both in the performance itself and in the original design linked to the aesthetics of the port infrastructure.”

Besides, this entity highlights the fact that “all of this has allowed the Fest to make a name for itself on a national scale through different means of communication and it is an example of the coordination of a whole company putting their team into operation in order that this activity not interfere with the activity in the port.”

Extraordinary Setting by the Sea

Boluda Maritime Corporation gets involved in such a way that it transforms its container terminal phenomenally into an extraordinary open-air setting made up of industrial elements such as cranes and containers. Around 50,000 square metres of the terminal are used of its 161,000 so that each year the logistics and loading grounds are transformed into an attractive operatic centre. The stage, seating capacity and access to the enclosure are built under the installation of 120 containers given on loan by Boluda lines (the division that is

dedicated to the integral service and international management of cargo), two Post-Panama 80-metre tall cranes weighing 800 tonnes that illuminate the enclosure and all types of materials, vehicles and security measures needed in order that the event take place.

Days of intense work for the technicians and operatives of Boluda Maritime Corporation that turn the container terminal into a scene designed by local architect Juan Espino and under the agreement that the company will not see its activity affected during assembly and dismantling of such event.

Year after year nearly 3,000 people are delighted listening to well-known soundtracks being played by the Las Palmas Symphony Orchestra in collaboration with well-known national and international tenors and sopranos in unison with images of the works being interpreted on a giant screen that the Corporation lends for such event.

Moreover, this symphonic activity held inside an industrial enclosure is a unique opportunity for the symbiosis of the Canary Islanders with their port and an exceptional case of Boluda Maritime Terminals opening up this type of port facility to the public.

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