Boluda Cargo Int’l manager Eva García Bosch took part in a panel discussion organized by the Adecco Foundation in Valencia

Manager of Boluda Cargo Int’l Eva García Bosch stressed that in Boluda Corporación Marítima “20% of female employees occupy managerial positions, above the average trend in a sector where senior management positions are traditionally occupied by men”.

These statistics were discussed during the panel debate organized by the Adecco Foundation on Monday 5 March, which covered themes such as women’s current situation in the labour market and women at risk of exclusion.

The head of Boluda Cargo Int’l cited examples of managerial positions held by women in the company’s different corporate services divisions, such as Communication and Institutional Relations manager Amparo Valero; IT Systems manager Mercedes Carbonell; Offshore and Maritime Salvage and Chartering manager Charo Coll, who is also president of the International Salvage Union (ISU), an entity that represents the most outstanding and leading maritime salvage companies in the international sphere; Legal Advice department manager, Pepa Cermeño; manager of Boluda Travel, Asunción Ribes; Charo Domínguez, manager of Trimar Boluda (management of telephone services and data networks), and manager of Boluda Container Industry (container maintenance and repair), Maite Gutiérrez. The company also employs women in other relevant positions, such as Sara García Socorro, in charge of tugboats in Boluda Towage and Salvage, and María Concepción Rodríguez, captain both in the Merchant Navy and in Boluda Tankers.

The manager of Boluda Corporación Marítima’s freight forwarding services underlined that statistical data demonstrates that women have greater difficulty entering the labor market, despite being better qualified.

Also participating on the panel were general manager of Servef Rocío Briones; Ana Company, director of the Florida University Foundation; Human Resources manager of Obremo Myriam Montes; Victoria de Miguel, member of the board of directors of Evap; Isabel Pérez, Adecco Foundation consultant, and Joanna Alexandro, a beneficiary of the Adecco Foundation program.

A topic of the day was the salary gap, on which some participants emphasized a need to enforce current legislation in order to put an end to this problem. As the event also underlined, “we are entering a new era with unstoppable changes, in which women have an increasingly relevant role, where both men and women must participate in a cooperative and inclusive manner. This not only involves women, it involves everybody”, emphasized Eva García Bosch.