Boluda Lines chairman Alfonso Serrat confirms that the Boluda Corporación Marítima shipping company’s commercial service with the Cape Verdean archipelago, offers an exciting opportunity to link the company to the development and growth of the country, and is confident that the fortnightly connection, started last October, will soon become weekly.

What led Boluda Lines to open a line to Cape Verde?

Cape Verde is an economically developing and politically stable country, immersed in a clear process of modernization based primarily on the tourism sector, which relies on a permanent and steady supply of goods.

Our view regarding this that Boluda Lines could play a fundamental role in the progress of the archipelago, due to our specialist expertise in perishable products transport, essential to supply hotel chains; experience with insularity, as demonstrated by our decades-long presence in the Canary Islands, and nearly 200 years of experience.

What service are you providing?

Our fortnightly service from Boluda’s La Luz terminal connects Las Palmas with the ports of Praia, Mindelo, Sal and Boa Vista: this service is expected to become weekly.

The new line operates with the vessel Denizhan Bayraktar.

Have you opened local offices?

In order to provide an optimal direct and personalized service we have opened offices in the capital of Cape Verde, Praia, and in the main islands, Mindelo, Sal and Boa Vista. Boluda Lines is specialized in door-to-door services for all types of dry and refrigerated cargo. We provide a highly specialized staff to carry out the ongoing and rigorous temperature inspection needed for reefer cargo, which make up the bulk of our cargo to the islands, in order to meet the high standards required by the cold chain logistics sector.

Will this mean expanding the fleet and equipment?

That is indeed our plan. Boluda Lines has made a significant investment in reefer containers, and currently has a fleet of 12,000 next-generation units.

We also have specialised containers to transport the construction materials in high demand due to a major increase in the country’s infrastructure.

If the rotation becomes weekly as planned, a new vessel will be assigned to that route.

Our commitment to Cape Verde is long-term, with great expectations for the future and a view to a permanent relationship. This service is a good opportunity to link us to the development and growth of the country.

Is Cape Verde a market of the future?

Absolutely. It is currently experiencing very positive growth rates, and Spain also plays a prime role in the economy of the country, being not only its second most important commercial partner, but also its biggest client. In 2016, for example, 65% of exports from the archipelago were destined to the Spanish market. Our focus is on bilateral trade flow: our goal is to play a leading role and we believe that we have the qualities to achieve it.

Chairman of Boluda Lines shipping company, Alfonso Serrat, in his office in the Boluda building, headquarters of Boluda Corporación Marítima in Valencia.