In January 2018, Boluda Lines will add a new container ship, Vicky B, to operate a weekly service between Asunción, Uruguay and Buenos Aires along the Paraná-Paraguay Waterway

Boluda Fos Corporación attended the 26th annual Latin American Congress of Ports, organised from 7 to 9 November around the theme “Latin American ports in the debate around globalization and protectionism”, in order to expand commercial relations and hold bilateral meetings. The company is committed to Latin American port development and proud to form part of a dynamic community that creates wealth and contributes to the growth and well-being of these countries.

Boluda Fos Corporación has had a strong presence on the American Continent for more than twenty years, as part of Boluda Corporación Marítima since 1995, with an ongoing commitment to improvement based on experience and investment in new equipment.

Representing Boluda Fos Corporación at the conference were vice-chairman Joaquín Lozano, who also heads Boluda Corporación Marítima’s Towage and Salvage division; the general manager of the Corporation in Uruguay, Manuel Varela, and international commercial manager of Boluda Lines Fernando Caracciolo.

The Corporation currently owns various companies in the Southern Cone: REYLA, in Uruguay; Compañía Marítima Austral y Pontemar in Argentina; Naviera del Mercosur in Paraguay, and Empresa Marítima del Perú in the Andean nation.

The company has operated in Uruguay for 15 years, providing towing services both in the port of Montevideo and in the river ports of the country.

During recent years Boluda has strengthened its position, offering the best and most competitive service to customers and users alike, as well as making ongoing investments to improve and modernize the seven-unit-strong Uruguayan fleet.

Boluda Fos Corporación also operates in the port of Buenos Aires through Compañía Marítima Austral y Pontemar, providing service on both banks of the Mar de la Plata.

Through Naviera del Mercosur, the company also has been providing a regular container transport service for more than 10 years in Paraguay, connecting the ports of Asunción, Montevideo and Buenos Aires, as well as ultimately all intermediate ports along the Paraná-Paraguay Waterway.

Weekly service

In January 2018 Boluda is due to add to its fleet the Vicky B, sister ship to Asunción B, which is already operating at full capacity and optimum efficiency thanks to the dimensions, depth and manoeuvrability that make it the safest and most versatile vessel currently on the Waterway. With this new addition, Naviera del Mercosur plans to convert the fortnightly service that currently connects the Ports of Asunción, Montevideo and Buenos Aires, into a competitive weekly service, starting in the first quarter of 2018.

Boluda Lines container ship ASUNCION B operating on the Paraná-Paraguay Waterway.