The company rewards talent in staff selection and promotion, regardless of gender 

22% of the management team in Boluda Corporación Marítima’s corporate structure is made up of female personnel, evidence that the business group sees qualifications as the only decisive factor, regardless of male or female status. The holding company rewards talent in the selection and promotion of personnel.

This statistic was provided by the representative of the shipping company’s human resources department, Juan Carlos Pérez, who last week attended the Third Equality and Organizations conference, under the motto “Women in a man’s world: the horizontal segregation of work, a review of the masculinized sectors” which was held in the Faculty of Social Sciences auditorium of the Universitat de València. Also participating in the conference was the manager of Boluda Cargo Int’l, Eva Garcia Bosch, in charge of the logistics and freight service of the company.

As regards the role of women in managerial positions, it is noteworthy that in the company the travel agency manager; the manager and entire team in the foreign crew manning agency; the manager and 95% of the legal consulting team; the Communication and Institutions Relations Department manager, and in the IT department the manager and two out of a team of eight employees, are all women.
Likewise, Boluda Towage and Salvage, the towing division, has a manager and one employee of a team of two, a manager and most of the team in the tugboat treasury department. In the subsidiary company Union Naval Containers there is a female  manager; in the freight forwarder Boluda Cargo Int’l there is a female manager and five employees out of a team of six are women; as well as heads of department in Seville and Las Palmas and department heads in the areas of finance, vehicle management and accounting.

This endorsement of gender equality is backed up by all the Boluda Corporación Marítima agreements which contain equal opportunities clauses and measures against sexual harassment.

In his presentation, the human resources representative highlighted the training and work experience opportunities offered by the company every year, both within the corporate structure and in the ship business, and highlighted the low participation of women in nautical schools, a situation which if corrected would be a good opportunity to promote employment.

Boluda Cargo Int’l director Eva García Bosch emphasized that a slight change has been noticed in the last 20 years regarding the incorporation of women in certain managerial positions in masculinized sectors such as the maritime industry. “There is progress,” she added, “but glass ceilings have yet to be broken before women can hold positions on the board of directors.”

It is noteworthy that for several decades Boluda Corporación Marítima has voluntarily   made Social Responsibility commitments to minimize the impact of the company’s activity on employees, society and the environment, maintaining a proactive attitude for the benefit of its stakeholders.

The holding company has published a sustainability report since 2012, endorsing the commitment made to the United Nations Global Compact on Human Rights, the Environment, Labour and Anti-Corruption.

Boluda Cargo Int’l manager Eva García Bosch, on the left in the picture, during her talk at the Third Conference on Equality and Organizations, held at the Faculty of Social Sciences at Universitat de València in march.