The shipment, transported free of charge by Boluda Lines, is part of the “Humanitarian Transport” program in collaboration with the SEUR Foundation

Boluda Corporación Marítima’s comprehensive transportation division Boluda Lines recently transported a shipment of surgical supplies and hospital equipment to the Nouadhibou Visión Ophthalmological Center (Mauritania), a hospital inaugurated by the Jorge Alió Foundation for the Prevention of Blindness on 16 March. This shipment is part of the “Humanitarian Transport” solidarity initiative under Boluda Corporación Marítima’s Corporate Social Responsibility program, in collaboration with the SEUR Foundation in logistics.

 The ‘‘Nouadhibou Visión’’ Municipal Centre in the Yacoub Al Nafisi Building (Kuwait) is the only hospital specialized in eye care in Mauritania and sub-Saharan Africa. For years altruistic doctors, nurses, auxiliaries and technicians from Alicante have treated thousands of people, a very high percentage of them children, and trained local specialists to continue providing care.

The main beneficiaries of the “Nouadhibou Visión· Municipal Centre will be the inhabitants of the city, the second largest in the country, currently with 300,000 inhabitants. Due to the lack of medical services, especially in specialized medicine such as ophthalmology, however, it is expected to provide healthcare as far as the borders of the Blue Nile river, the entire Mali border, inland villages as far as Zouerat (bordering Western Sahara) and part of the Sahara.

Boluda Corporación Marítima and the Jorge Alió Foundation have signed a collaboration agreement that allows free delivery of health supplies to the African country, where the Alió Foundation has been undertaking invaluable blindness prevention work for over a decade.

Unloading surgical supplies and hospital equipment transported by Boluda Lines to Mauritania, march 2017.