The award was presented by Javier Moll, president of Editorial Prensa Ibérica

The chairman of Boluda Corporación Marítima, Vicente Boluda Fos, received the “Importante” Levante-EMV award on 14 December, corresponding to September 2016, in recognition of his career as head of a holding company in international expansion, and for defending the interests of the Valencian region as president of the Valencian Entrepreneurs Association (AVE).

Vicente Boluda received the award from Javier Moll, chairman of Editorial Prensa Ibérica and editor of Levante-EMV, at the newspaper’s headquarters. The event was attended by his sons Vicente Boluda Ceballos and Ignacio Boluda Ceballos, both vice-presidents of Boluda Corporación Marítima, and by managers from AVE and the newspaper.

During the event Levante-EMV highlighted Vicente Boluda’s career not only as head of a corporation carrying out an ambitious expansion plan, but also his important role at the helm of AVE. This association plays a key role defending wealth and employment creation, as well as lobbying the central governmental department for critical infrastructure in the Valencian region, on issues such as the Mediterranean Corridor and improving regional funding.

The company’s growth plan is focused primarily on its tug division Boluda Towage and Salvage. This division is committed to technological progress and design and has commissioned ten new vessels, such as the recently added “VB Xaloc”, which are cutting edge in terms of technology, safety and respect for the environment. The vessels currently being built along with the new acquisitions will expand Boluda Towage and Salvage’s fleet, which currently has 225 vessels. 

With the “Importante” award Levante-EMV also highlighted the chairman’s achievement as president of AVE for joining forces with other employers and the Generalitat (regional government), to campaign for more funding and investment from the central government, and to establish a timeline of events and actions to achieve their goals. In particular, the implementation of the double railway platform to transport goods and passengers is essential for the Valencian economy to stay competitive during the coming decades.

After thanking the newspaper for the award, the chairman of Boluda Corporación Marítima affirmed that business management is “teamwork, which must be shared by management and employees”, and took advantage of the occasion to urge the Spanish government to allocate “a larger investment budget to address the problems facing entrepreneurs and Valencian society”.

The chariman of Boluda Corporación Marítima, Vicente Boluda, receives the September 2016 “Importante” award from Levante-EMV  from Javier Moll, editor of the newspaper and chairman of Editorial Prensa Ibérica.