It incorporates an offer of international forwarding and Project cargo.

Boluda Corporación Marítima has closed with record of visitors Intermodal South America 2016, where it has increased to its usual offer its services of international forwarding and project cargo.

In this edition It incorporated the services given by Boluda Cargo Internacional, its offer of International multimodal transport and Boluda Project Cargo, that offer a personalized service for every kind of charge, not suitable for containers, in the five continents.

The main interest was assumed by the offer of transport on the Hydroway Paraguay-Paraná, service givent by Naviera del Mercosur. This line, that cover the most important fluvial roads of the planete, connects the city of Asunción (Paraguay), Buenos Aires (Argentina) y Montevideo (Uruguay), as well as the intermediary ports of Rosario and Zarate and have a its service 2 vessels capable to transport dry, frozen en project cargo weekly.

Then it was of great interest the services provided by the companies Compañia Maritima Austral and Reyla who are dedicated, respectively, to the port towing in Argentina and Uruguay, as well as the service in the hydroway.

It’s underline the increase of the number of visitor, made that the exhibition was a continuous flow of new contacts, interested in the global offer presented by Boluda Corporación Maritima that includes the traffic from America to Europe where, through Boluda Lines, the connections are eased with the Occidental Coast of Africa, North of Europe and Mediterranean sea.

Success at the end of this participation that assures the presence of the Corporation in the edition of 2017.

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