The strong wind broke the berths of a boat who drifted till colliding with another boat docked.

The strong wind who has lashed all the week-end nearly all the country has provoqued an accident that, thanks to a quick action of the tugboats of the headquarter of Valencia, didn’t have any serious consequence.The boat HH Johanna who was berthed in the Costa quay due to the strong wind, broke the ropes of the stern and drifted to the boat Cosco Europe of the shipping company Cosco, who was berthed on the terminal Noatum.

4 tugboats went quickly to the place and managed to take the boat who was without control another time to its place of berth. The operation had the difficulty of the wind, who was blowing with a strength of 45 and 50 knots. Due to the great breadth of the container vessels that act like a sail, 2 of the tugboats took 6 hours each, with the assistance of another 2 tugboats during 1 ahora each to revert the situation.

The Works of the tugboats of the port goes further than the assistance to the boat in the arrival and departure in the ports. As in this occasion, they give the Support necessary to counteract the action of the wind o the current, in the moments where the boats loose run by navigating slowly in the inside of the ports, help to stop the boat, tow, help the boat that stayed with no way of propulsion or without run, transport floating artefacts, give escorts to boats with dangerous charges, as well as the essential work against fires and marine pollution.