Tugboats of Boluda Towage and Salvage’s fleet in Cadiz bay, were the actors of the third episode of a serie of documentaries done by collectives who develop their activities on the dock.

Told in first person by one of our patron, in the documentary he explains in a direct and concise way the work developed by the tugboats in the ports to assist the other boats in their maneuvres of berth and unmooring, maritime salvage works, fight against pollution or against fire.

The machine chief told the versability of movement of the tugboats that due to their propulsion are capable to move in any direction, that give them one of their main characteristics, the mobility, who together with the strength make them essential to make the traffic in ports faster.

Boluda Towage and Salvage has stationed in CAdiz bay 5 tugboats of last generation with the most advanced techniques.
Under the initiative of The Port Authority of Cadiz Bay, those documentary pretend to make people know the special and normaly unknown professions to the general public.