The concert “Symphonic Dances” was performed by the Filamornica of Gran Canaria and conducted by Pedro Halffter. 

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.- For the fourth consecutive year, the terminal of containers La luz of Boluda Corporación Maritima, has been the outstanding scene of the concert performed by the Filarmonica of Gran Canaria, “Symphonic Dances” that converted the terminal in an inusual concert hall.

The great effort and technique of the personal of Boluda Corporacion Maritima allowed to convert in record time the usual aspect of the terminal, without affecting its quotidian activity, in an amazing stage.

The amazing numbers of the transformation of the terminal La luz have been :

  • 50.000 m2  port área occupied.
  • 450 metres of berth line affected.
  • 2 cranes post-panamá of 80 metres high and 800 kg of weight under wich the concert was realised.
  • 4 cranes trastainers who acted as illuminated corridor from the entrance to the seats
  • 100 containers, 50 of them were for the scene, 10 por the video projection and 40 for the closing of the lateral streets for the security of the assistants.

In addition, the containers had to ajust their set up to special conditions for the acoustic, that allow the magnificent execution of the Filamornica de Gran Canaria arrived to the assistants with all its quality.

Another year more , Boluda Corporacion Maritima follows the cultural initiatives of the town council of  Las Palmas and opens its installations for the citizens to enjoy this amazing show.

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