The boat “Verónica B” was the stage of one of the exercices executed by the Navy.

Valencia-  The boat “Veronica B” from the fleet of Boluda Lines, the shipping division of Boluda Corporacion Maritima, has collaborated in the developpement of the Maritime Security Exercice (MARSEC) 2015 in waters of Alicante.

It’s an exercice organized annually by the the Force of Maritime Action from the Navy with the purpose to improve its cooperation with others organisms to accomplish operations of maritime security, train the units of the structure NCAGS ( Naval cooperation and guide of merchant traffic) of the navy and get the merchant community familiar with the methods of established cooperation. An hypothetic stage is created where the organisaton NCAGS of the navy has been activated in front of the presence of a serie of  menaces in our waters.

 The days 26 and 27 of may, together with the Navy, the Veronica B realized one of these exercices, in the area of Alicante, inside the plan of protection of its harbour facing an incident of security. During the arrival and leaving in the port, the Veronica B was guided by the minweepers “Tambre” and “Tajo” respectively, maintaining the presence of its crew in the desk of the boat during all the exercice, who finished statisfactally, as it was reported by both vessels once the exercice was finished.

Boluda Lines realised periodically this kind of collaboration with the forces and security corps from the State in the setting of the fight against the drug traffic, the irregular immigration, the assistance and the rescue in the sea.

Took part of the exercice by the Navy , vessels and units of the Force of Maritime Action and Marine corps.