It’s internationaly one of the most important nets of maritime private agents.

Boluda Cargo Int’l has been accepted as member with all rights in the WWPC Network, one of the nets of private maritime agents more important in the world.

WWPC Network was founded in 1994 with the purpose to strengthen the services of the forwarding companies and enjoy the advantages that offers a net of excellent company worldwide. The agency offers to its members a online web with forums of debates and interchange of instant messages allowing the contact between the parts during the 365 days of the year the 24 hours a day offering a service of quality and a permanent improvement.

The network WWPC makes accomplish to its members strict conditions to be able to belong to its organization, as well as to dispose of the convenient certifications of quality ISO 9001, informatics systems  of last generation that allow the information in real time and the protocols more exigent in agreement with the norms of the Service of Excellence.

Boluda Cargo Int’l will be in Spain the representent of WWPC Network and also it will be represented worldwide for its wide net of agents. Presently, WWPC Network has 824 members of 396 cities in 122 countries in the world.

WWPC Network