The operation in which have worked three tugboats was made with a complete precision

An impressive convoy, composed by the Tugboats VB Cascogne and VB Octeville, from the headquarter of Le Havre, VB Puissant from the headquarter of Dunkerque and the gigantic meteorologic mast of 90 meters, with a basis of concrete and a total weight of 1800 tons, left the port of Le Havre with destination to the Eolian park of Fécamp, 13 miles away from the coast.

The extraordinary maneuver was accomplished with a great precision by the three tugboats, who completed a maneuver carefully designed by the responsibles of Boluda France and the representants of the consortium Eiffage, in charge of the work.

Once put in the depths, the mast will emerge 50 meters above the marine superficy and will be destinated to determine the speed and direction of the wind according to the season, the conditions of visibility, the height of the waves, the temperature of the water, the strength of the current, the evolution of the … etc.Also the structure will serve as observatory for the birds,  marine mammals, bats who will evolve in the perimeter of the future eolian park.

Boluda, beside its main activity that is the port towage, is a great specialist in operations of transoceanic towage and offshore, realize maneuvers of transport and dredge of drawers for big contructions, tow of flotting docks and transport of barges in any place of the planet.

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