It’s the biggest exhibition of the industry about perishable products. 

Like every year Boluda Lines comes to the meeting of Fruit Logistica Berlin 2015, the most important exhibition of vegetables and fresh fruits, for whose transport it is highly specialized.

Boluda Lines has a fleet of more tan 2000 frozen containers of last generation and offers a large connectivity for this kind of merchandises through its several regular lines, offerin to its customers logistic solutions door to door, making easy the exportations of perishables products with orgine/destination in all the European Union, countries of the west African coast and Cape Verde.

Thirty years of experience endorses the specialisation of Boluda Lines in this área where the shipping Company has strongly bet, improving its logistics infrastructures of frozen charges, increasing and modernizing its fleet of containers and its logistic intermodal services, adapting them to the transit time require for the chargers. This optimization of its services is possible thanks to a qualified and expert human team who adapt each delivery with the exporters, to ease the charge of the containers and its dispatch and then manage the transport to be a success.

Fruit logistic Berlin 2015 has got together 2600 exhibitors of 141 countries who were visited by more than 62000 persons