The Morten Maerks, of 400 metres long, needed 3 tugboats to do the maneuver

Tugboats from Boluda assisted last Friday the 16th, the container vessel Morten Maerks, the biggest boat who has stopped till the date in the port of Valencia.

The Morten Maerks is 400 metres long, 60 large, 194.849 GT and a capacity of 18400 Teus. The size has been compared by the shipping company with the one of four football pitches by extension and a building of 24 floors regarding the height.

The vessel has been assisted by the Tugboats Vb Llevant, VB Vigor and VB Furia who supply a total power of 18000HP and allowed the entrance and leaving of the boat in the Noatum Terminal in a flexible maneuver despite the giantic dimensions of it.

The Morten Maerks arived to Valencia from UK and left to Singapore, after charging 1700 containerss in an operation in which have participated 150 workers and 10 cranes.

Asistencia puerto Valencia