Incorporates Units of Pallet Wide High Cube of 45’

Valencia – Boluda Lines, the division of transport of Boluda Corporación Marítima, has incorporated to its containers fleet new units of Pallet Wide High Cube of 45’

This increase in the equipment obey to a demande presented by the shipping company due to the incorporation of new boats in its fleet and then to the increase of its lines.

The shipping company has registered in BIC ( International Bureau of Containers) the corporative sign BOLU, as the same time the Ministry of Industry has granted the authorization of the system ACEP to Boluda lines with the mark E-14. BOLU will be the sign how the containers will be registered and the futures estensions of equipment 40’ HCPW and 45´ HCPW that will be incorporated in the next months.

Boluda lines disposes of more than 10000 containers of 30 different types and 1500 containers of Reefers High Cube of last generation.

The shipping Company has a fleet of 10 boats  with which she covers 11 commecial lines that connect the occidental coast of Africa, the Iberian peninsula, Italy, East Mediterranean sea, North of Europe, Cape Verde and the oriental coast of South America. It offers services of consignee, transitory, land transport, port logistic and storage through its more than 60 offices all over the world.

Contenedores Boluda 45'