It’s the biggest containers vessel who has ever entered in this port.

Valencia – At 7 Am yesterday, the tugboats VB Poder, VB Soñador and VB Llevant have assisted the manover of mooring of the Eleonora Maerks, the biggest container vessel who has ever entered in the port of Valencia

The manovers with this kind of boat of high dimensions have the added difficulty regarding the boats with conventional dimension who present a big inertia once they are started, forward as well as backward, to get complicated when the manover is done in a reduced space in relation with his length and draft. These conditions mean a bigger effort for the tugboats, who have to use a high power for its twisting, and need all the experience and profesionnality of the captain of the tugboat, bigger control of the inertia and have to give the cables of towage outside the port. This situation can’t get complicated if the weather conditions are unfavourable.

The Eleonara Maerks has 397,71 m of length, 56,40 m large, a maximum draft of 16,00 m and 170,794 GT. The boat who is berth in the Noatum Terminal, come from the port of Felixtowe and will leave today with destination to the port of Singapore.

Asistencia Eleonora Maerks