Organized by the Foundation Edem, is a programme leader in the formation of business men.

Valencia – Vicente Boluda, president of Boluda Corporación Marítima, exposed yesterday, inside the course 15×15, his model of business and his professional trajectory in front of the 38 students formed by business men and high managers of big companies.

Vicente Boluda told the story of his company and explained its structure, activities and planification. He also transmited one of his maxims: “In business, you must be humble and generous” o “ Negociate no means to flatten your opponent, you must give him a successful exit.

Organized by the foundation Edem, “15x!5” : 15 days with 15 leader business men”, the course has been consolidated as a referent in the training of business men and managers of high level, in the field of the strategy and corporate management.

Vicente Boluda has participated to this course since its creation, being this year its 9th edition.

Curso 15 x 15 Vicente Boluda