They were presided by HRH The Princess of Asturias.


Vicente Boluda, vice-president of the foundation Premios Jaime I ( James the First awards) and president of Fundación Valenciana de Estudios Avanzados, made the welcome act in the delivery of the  King James the First awards who take place in La Lonja of Valencia last 25th of November, presided by HRH The princess of Asturias.

The foundation Valenciana Premios Jaime I, promotes the investigation and scientific development in Spain, its awarded are gifted with 100 000 euros and in its juries have participated twenty Nobel Prices.

In the twenty-fifth edition, the winners have been Manel Esteller in the area of Basic Investigation, Francesc Xavier Vives in Economics, Jesus F.San Miguel Izquierdo in Medical investigation, Xavier Querol in Protection of Environment, Antonio Gonzalez in new technologies and Pedro Espinosa as the entrepreneurial.

In its intervention Boluda emphasize the role of the Princes of Asturias in favor of the image of Spain and greeting the presence of Lady Letizia who “suppose a reinforcement of the values of the mission and action of the foundation”.

The princess of Asturias showed her “conviction that only through science, investigation and business venture, development of societies can be reached.

Vicente Boluda Premios Jaime I