The tugboat VB Vigor and VB llevant of the fleet of Boluda Towage and Salvage, port and offshore towage of Boluda Corporacion maritima, have assisted the maneuver of berth of the dutch submarine Dolfijn who arrived last Friday in the port of Valencia

The maneuver of berth of a submarine presents some peculiar differences to a conventional boat that require the skill and professionalism of the captains of our tugboats, then there are boats of little side, that’s why the closeness for the operation of delivery of the towage cable must be done with an extreme precaution for not harming the flippers it has outside. But the main risk it can be ran in this kind of maneuvers is the transit of the sailors of the submarine by its deck who, as being narrow and wet, provoc frequently falls in the water.

The tugboats who attend to this maneuver are Voith Tractor, with a power of 6657 bhp and 70 tons of pull the VB llevant and 5440 and 65 tons of pull the VB Vigor

Boluda Towage and Salvage is the first company of tugboats in Europe and the second in the world, with a fleet who exceeds over the 200 tugboats.
rescate Dolfijn