Counted with the participation of Francisco Tirado, Human resources manager.


Francisco Tirado, Human Resources manager of Boluda Corporación Marítima, has participated in the technical sesión about” the common strategic progres for the naval area: OIT agreement about the Maritime work 2006. Challenges for the future”, celebrated in the head office of the Port Authority of Valencia and organized by the Economic, Industry, Tourism and Work council.

Tirado stand out the importance of the entry into force of the agreement that on one side” will regulate the conditions of work and life of the sailors, as the agreement bet on the security in the sea and the professional qualification, and try to avoid the social dumping, concepts that coincide completely with the principles of Social Corporative Responsibility of Boluda Corporación Marítima”.

The implementation of this agreement in Boluda Corporación Marítima has been assumed by the different Divisions of business, making it public by the responsibles of each of them. Different groups of work have been created that have maintained a high degree of implication in the meetings organized by ANAVE and sponsored by the General Direction of Merchant Marine

The formación of the parameters of the new agreement has converged in the training of 52 employees in September 2013 and has signified that the vessels affected by this agreement are now in possession of the “Certificate of Martime consent work”

The day was inaugurated by Maximo Buch Torralva, counselor of Economy, Industry, Tourism and Employment of the Generalitat, and counted with the participation of Joaquin Nieto Sainz, manager of the OIT in Spain, Manuel Carlier Lavalle general manager of Association of Spanish Ship-owners (ANE) and Rafale Rodriguez Valero General manager of Merchant Marine.

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